Fixed Workspots 16


Education Administration Programs


A space that's equipped to host different activities and workshops


Size 56 m²

Year 2019

Location Gent


For NXT-PRO, we reinvented the classroom with a modular design that provides multi-functionality and flexibility. In this dynamic environment, teachers engage with students more efficiently while participants feel inspired and energized.

Top 3 priorities

• Flexible & adjustable layout and furniture to make a space that encourages to do groupwork etc.
• More contemporary decoration, good space distribution and use, pleasant learning environment
• Radiance of a professional training organization, hands-on

Look and feel

Wood and warm color accents

Special touches

• Table setting / modular tables that allow interaction

• Multi-function setup for different groupings and activities

• Lamp & Socket

Tailored solutions

• Custom coffee corners and lockers

• Branded presentation stand

NXT-PRO offers purposeful and innovative training for ambitious professionals. They have a broad portfolio ranging from technical training to soft skills, and their customized programs are available in person, online, or blended learning.


We strive for spaces that convey the passion to learn. Space Refinery was able to create this interesting, exciting, and motivating environment we were dreaming of.


The Challenge

NXT-PRO reached out to us because one of their classrooms’ designs really didn’t fit with the company’s personality and goals. It featured all the stereotypical furnishings you’d expect in a traditional classroom and was far from interactive or engaging. The objective was to create a classroom that could serve as an inspiration and a blueprint for other classrooms.


The Outcome

The goal was to create a positive and inspiring learning experience for the students. Plenty of plants, the bright leafy mural, and the other natural elements bring a sense of wellness to the space. The wooden cubes are great for brainstorming as they bring students closer to each other. They can also be turned into standing desks or benches and are super easy to move around. Once stacked in the back of the room, they melt together into a nice podium with a green background.

We integrated a big closet to store all the desks and chairs. When the cubes are stacked against the wall, the floor becomes an empty canvas where teachers can organize different activities. As a result, the space is trendy, engaging, and highly flexible.

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