Devoteam, Diegem

Before of the Devoteam's new officeAfter of the Devoteam's new office

Fixed workspots: 125

Hybrid team: 450


IT and tech consulting


Move into a bigger, more sustainable office to fit their growing team and unite employees from different departments in a common workspace


Size: 2.287 m²

Year: 2023

Location: The Wings in Diegem

Metal partitions in the Devoteam's new office designed by Space Refinery

Devoteam's new space is designed to promote interaction and collaboration among teams. The open floor plan and communal areas encourage employees to connect and share ideas. The office also features dedicated spaces for focused work and relaxation, fostering a balanced and productive work environment.

Top 3 priorities:

  • Support cultural change
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Encourage interaction for all 450 hybrid team members based in Belgium

Look & Feel

Energizing, on-brand, and expressive of the different departments

Special touches

  • Wall finishes infused with fun elements like quotes and bright contrasting colors
  • Blue and yellow metal partitions to define semi-open workspace areas
  • Custom reception desk in brand colors with integrated LED lights

Tailored areas

  • Cafeteria with movable furniture for events, large company meetings and parties
  • Creative Devo Pitch Room with a tribune and flexible furniture for pitches and small gatherings
  • Silent library room for focused work

Devoteam is a leading consulting and technology services firm with 450 employees in its Belgian branch focused on driving digital transformation for large organizations. With over 10,000 European employees, Devoteam helps clients enhance their business performance through expert consulting and innovative technology solutions.

Benny Moonen, Country Manager & CEO Devoteam Belgium

My stress was gone once I saw the work rolling out the first weeks of planning. And the result is that we are more than six months alone in the building. And that, for me, was the best experience.

Benny Moonen, Country Manager & CEO

The Context

With a growing team spread across departments, Devoteam sought to unite everyone under one roof in a larger shared workspace.

The new building of choice was the triple-certified The Wings, a pioneering project that prioritizes people's well-being, safeguards precious natural resources, and champions sustainability and productivity. To comply with the requirements, we used certified materials and sustainable solutions. With the building getting built during the design phase, our team needed to provide rapid floorplan designs so that the developers could integrate them into their technical plans.

Our priority was understanding the goals of Devoteam and translating gathered insights into spaces tailored for collaboration, focus and the team’s connection.

Team motto "Feel welcome, connect with each other and be inspired" on the cafeteria's wall in the Devoteam's new office
Cozy color palettes and decorations in Devoteam's new office

The Outcome

When designing Devoteam's new office space, we created a cohesive yet distinctive environment reflecting the company's culture.

Vibrant brand colors highlight the personality of each department. The office balances openness and privacy with transparent meeting rooms, open workspaces, private focus areas, and informal social spaces.

Areas like flexible event spaces, phone booths, and connected terraces promote productivity and well-being.

Leveraging The Wings' advanced infrastructure and focus on sustainability, the office translates the company's mission into an inspiring space where teams can grow and build new innovative products. The space provides an agile canvas for Devoteam's evolving needs.

After moving into their new office, the team shared on their social media: “We are immensely proud of our stunning new office space, which reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.” The kindest feedback!

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