Future-proof workspaces,
from concept to the office party

We are with you through every step of the journey, from research, analysis, concept, design, build, to installation. Guided by experience and expertise, our international team helps you create a space where collaboration and human connection thrive.
A destination your team will call a second home.

How we work

We've developed a collaborative process to involve your team as much as possible.
Our approach considers the company's strategic objectives, collective needs, and individual requirements.

your goals

We talk about your mission & vision, values, your way of working, your team.

Finding solutions
with you

We share ideas, align on the vision, and start working on a concept together.

it for you

We turn our designs into reality and the dream becomes tangible.

Moving in
and celebrating

Your new workspace is ready to welcome your team!
Time to party!

Your complete project in 10 steps,
from idea to reality

Initial alignment & service proposal

First, we get to know each other and discuss your needs & expectations to see if we’re the best partner for your project.
If we want to work together, then we’ll need to know more about your company and your space to make a proposal.

Technical analysis & design brief

This is a crucial part where we map all design & build challenges to cover all important aspects and check for any invisible costs. We’ll also share our vision of the space.

Space Refinery office design project management: team ideation workshop
Co-creation workshop and survey

Before designing anything, we take time to understand your objectives. If your biggest challenge is to attract talents or reduce your environmental impact for example, we’ll design differently.
While you participate in our workshops and surveys, we’ll 3D scan your space and perform an in-depth technical analysis to identify the physical limits of your project.

Schematic design
Design concept, floor plan options

Collaboration is essential in all our projects. In this phase, we check if the design process is moving in the right direction and we align on the final design.

Space Refinery office design project management and design development
Design development
Sourcing furniture and equipments

Once you've chosen the look & feel concept and approved the floor plan, we go into the specifics.
How will this room be used? What kind of atmosphere should we create to help people perform this activity?

Office redesign and construction of Atlas Copco CTS Division
Final designs & proposals
3D renders, final construction proposal

We listen to your feedback and decide how to develop the definitive design before the construction stage.

Space Refinery office design project management with Gantt charts
Planning and orders
Project Gantt & logistics

Congrats! We're almost halfway through. During the following weeks, we'll focus on transforming the concept into reality. We confirm the timeline and planning with our trusted contractors and experts and place furniture orders with a long lead time.

Electric and network & plumbing, lighting

Our building team goes on-site to set foundations for your new workspace. We make sure your space has an impeccable electric system, warm water, and good chi.

Work in progress on the construction site with Space Refinery team
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
Deliveries & installations

Nearly there! Woodwork, desks, and other furniture arrive to your new workspace. We take care of the logistics, assembly, and waste disposal.

Office transformation for business innovation firm Board of Innovation Antwerp
Project delivery
Branding, plants & decor

Time for final touches. We personalize the space by adding color, plants, and magic details so your workspace fully comes to life. As we open the doors of your workspace, it’s time to celebrate!

Design phase
Build phase
Space Refinery office design project management with timelines and roadmaps
Project kick-off
Space onboarding

When you accept our proposal, we get to work immediately. First, we schedule the important steps of the design phase together, and set up our collaboration and communication tools.
We also make sure to understand who will be involved in the project and in which capacity to make the collaboration efficient.

Schematic design
Design concept, floor plan options

At this point, we know (almost) everything about you and we’re able to list the ingredients needed to create the space of your dreams.
The design process is collaborative: we offer you different options within the scope of what's possible (for your objectives, space, budget, and timeline), and you choose your favorite concept.

Office redesign and construction of Atlas Copco CTS Division
Final designs & proposals
3D renders and budgets for execution

Now it's time for the finest details: colors, textures & finishes, product specifications. We prepare photorealistic 3D renders for a fully immersive experience and put together proposals to execute everything you see.

Structure, technical & mechanical systems

Our building team sets the foundations for your new workspace. Functionality comes before beauty - we make sure your space is technically impeccable before we get to the visible things.

Office transformation for business innovation firm Board of Innovation Antwerp
Project delivery
Branding, plants & decor

Time for the last touches before you move in. We finish personalizing your space and bring it to life by adding plants and other magic details. And then it’s time for the inauguration party with your team!

Welcome to your new space!

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