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Office renovation of a coworking space Start it @KBC Antwerp
Office transformation for business innovation firm Board of Innovation Antwerp
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Breathe new life into your current office

Your business evolved. Your goals are different. Your team works differently. This is your cue to rethink your existing workspace.

Any renovation project starts by identifying the purpose behind the change. Sometimes small changes are enough to revive the atmosphere. Other times, a project might call for a complete spacelift.

In that case, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves, define the strategy and vision, and transform your office.

Renovation brings up lots of questions

How could we use our space more efficiently?
How can this renovation reflect our strategic vision?
Which changes will make everyone feel happy and productive?
Can we reuse or repurpose our existing furniture and facilities?
Will we need to leave our office for the renovation?

Check out these spaces we transformed

Change is a good and necessary thing, specially true for workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we redesign our current office or look for a new location?

Toss a coin! Rub a magic 8-ball! Just kidding, there are many things to consider. Think about finding answers to these questions: 

  • What are you gaining by moving to a new location?
  • What would you lose? 
  • What would the difference in rent be?
  • Are the services better in the new place?
  • How would a new office space impact the mobility and flexibility of your team?

Or, instead of doing the guesswork, book a call with us!

Do you work with templates and pre-built concepts?

No, we're not fans of a copy-paste method. We love to create custom spaces because each client is unique, and your workspace should be too. We always start with listening and understanding your needs on 3 levels: organizational, team, and individual perspectives. Then we make a proposal within the budget, time, and space requirements.

Why should we redesign our office when most of our employees work from home or remotely?

The way we work is constantly changing as we develop new technologies and better understand how to improve our wellbeing and performance. Even though we can work from anywhere, some things just can’t be replaced, like in-person interactions. Bringing people together matters now more than ever, and that's the most important achievement of any workspace. This is why we should adapt and transform our work environments thinking about people first.

There are a few key reasons why you should redesign your office:

  1. Innovation doesn't happen on zoom calls. Your workspace is the place where your team connects spontaneously and serendipity sparks new ideas.
  2. In workspaces, people connect by working together and through informal activities, which builds trust and shapes your company culture, two fundamentals for effective collaboration. 
  3. Most people don't have a good setup at home, have their family members around, or need to deal with other distractions, which has a negative effect on their wellbeing and performance. It's also challenging to keep a healthy work-life balance when your living space becomes an office. This impacts productivity over time and increases stress levels, in some cases leading to burnout.
  4. An inspiring work environment that reflects your culture is an excellent tool for getting you a competitive edge regarding talent attraction. 90% of job candidates see the workspace as a direct indication of how how much the company cares about their people. And top performers will be attracted by a work environment in which they feel they'll be able to give their best.

If these reasons speak to you, contact us, and we'll help you create a future-proof workspace that empowers individuals and fosters connections.

Check out our series of interviews with business leaders to learn more about the importance of the physical work environment.

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