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Designing your new workspace together

You started a company. Your business is booming. You need to move from the current location. Whatever the reason, a fresh start will energize and inspire your team.

Moving into a new office is such a thrilling milestone. But, scouting the best location and finding a space that ticks all your requirements might be a hassle.

Here’s where we can help. We’ll guide you on this journey and help you and your team make the best decisions for each phase.

Relocation projects can seem overwhelming

What do young teams want from a workspace?
What should we look for in a new building?
Will our team like the new space?
How can our workspace reflect our values?
How long will it take to complete the project?

How we work

We've developed a collaborative process to involve your team as much as possible.
Our approach considers the company's strategic objectives, collective needs, and individual requirements.

your goals

We talk about your mission & vision, values, your way of working, your team.

Finding solutions
with you

We share ideas, align on the vision, and start working on a concept together.

it for you

We turn our designs into reality and the dream becomes tangible.

Moving in
and celebrating

Your new workspace is ready to welcome your team!
Time to party!

We often help with


Great workspace starts with a detailed look at your business needs and priorities, as well as potential restrictions.


Your people and brand story influence the entire design vision. We propose a unique concept based on your goals, strategy, and company culture.


We help you find the best options to fit your style and budget, and we also take care of all the logistics.


Thanks to our experience and resourcefulness, you can rely on us to develop solutions and walk you steadily toward the project's finish line.


Our team of builders and creatives will deliver unique and customized solutions to perfectly match your vision and space. That includes reusing whenever possible.


Working closely with external specialists, our team will manage the construction site making sure all stakeholders are compliant.

Cool workspaces we created from scratch

A new space is just an empty box, until you give it a soul!
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