Nodalview, Ixelles


Fixed Workspots: 90


Software Development


Moving out from a co-working space to their first own office


Size: 618 m2

Year: 2022

Location: Ixelles

Nodalview's library and team lounge space after renovation

When Nodalview grew from a team of 5 to 30, in just a matter of months, they knew they were ready to establish their very own workspace — their first Nodalview HQ. Having started out in a coworking space, they knew it was high time to move on.

Top 3 priorities

  • Enable collaborative & focused work
  • Tell the brand story
  • Encourage interaction

Look & Feel

Inspiring, warm and inviting

Special touches

  • Game room
  • Ping-pong table
  • Open kitchen

Tailored areas

  • Nodalview café
  • Sales & Marketing area
  • Library
  • Welcome Lounge

Nodalview offers a game-changing software solution for real estate agents, their platform combines the creation of dynamic visuals and a marketing toolbox. Because they’re all about changing the way people find a place to call home, the Nodalview team was eager to have an exceptional space of their own.

The Context

Nodalview’s founding team was made up of five ambitious people who created a solution to revolutionize the online experience of the real estate industry. By 2022, their accelerated growth resulted in them “outgrowing” their coworking space—kinda like knowing when it’s time to finally move out of your parents’ home. It was almost like they’d hit the next level in brand maturity. And that’s always a good thing!

They knew exactly what they needed that they weren’t getting at the coworking space: Their own afterwork space, more meeting rooms, and more of their brand identity on display. After all, as convenient co-working spaces can be, you’re limited in how much you can customize and brand your shared space. Besides, Nodalview had big plans. They envisioned their new HQ as a competitive advantage for attracting new talent and retaining existing employees, so the space had to be welcoming and inspiring.

Nodalview team member focused and productive in their new office
Nodalview's new HQ after design and build work by Space Refinery

The Outcome

Picture this: When you come out of the elevator, the first thing you see is the Nodalview logo on display right in front of you. There’s no question that you are where you’re supposed to be.

The previous layout felt long and narrow, resembling a hallway. But after implementing smart space planning solutions, Nodalview’s HQ was transformed into a spacious and inviting workspace, that embodies the team's own openness.

We even managed to reuse existing glass partitions, which was a smart sustainable approach—plus the repurposing helped Nodalview reduce costs on the project!Thanks to Space Refinery, Nodalview finally has its home away from home where its brand and its culture come together.

Trellis with logo at the entrance of the office
Bright and welcoming entrance lounge
Flexible work areas
View from the cafeteria to the rest of the office
Fun times at the office
Bright cafeteria area
Cafeteria area doubling as a quick meeting session
Black and white contrasting kitchen
Plant trellises separating the work zones from the hallway
Phone booths doubling as divider between different areas in the office
A green oasis - EHBO room
Green colour enhancing focus in the work areas
Book case as a divider
Meeting room
Bright open work stations
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Meet the team

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