Board of Innovation

Board of InnovationBoard of Innovation

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Business Consulting and Services


Create a visitor’s journey and to further showcase the identity and personality of BOI throughout the space


Size 850 m²

Year 2020

Location Antwerpen

Board of Innovation

Board of Innovation wanted their new HQ in Antwerp to reflect their dynamic culture and unconventional approach to business design. We accepted the challenge and created a contemporary workspace in a grandiose historical building.

Top priorities

• Attract & retain talents

• Express the brand

• Stimulate creativity

Look and feel

Futuristic and cosy

Special touches

• Slash paint of BOI's logo

• Vault full of plants

• Branded flasks display

• Custom standing table

• Custom enclosed bench

• Custom metal work

• Red stallion (Different animal decors that represent the team )

• Ping pong table  

• Bank safe in the bank vault

• Custom millwork

Tailored areas

• Tree house

• Library mezzanine

• Flexible workshop room

• Kitchen bar area connected to the terrace

Board of Innovation is a global collective of strategists, designers, and entrepreneurs who join forces with the world's most innovative and ambitious businesses. Their consultants prioritize impact and use each client's unique strengths to create unconventional solutions.

Arne, Managing Director EMEA

Great work from the entire team!

Thanks for the flexibility, dedication, and drive to create one of the coolest offices in Antwerp for us.

Arne, Managing Director EMEA

The Challenge

Board of Innovation chose a building in the heart of Antwerp built in the 1900s. Designed in classical style and featuring a majestic entry hall and marble staircase, 4-meter high ceilings, and a protected historical bookcase, this masterpiece eludes history and tradition.

The idea was to redesign the interiors of this unique structure, with all its character, into a creative and off-beat workspace. The new office needed to support various activities: focused work, meetings, collaborating, socializing, and relaxing.

Board of Innovation
Board of Innovation

The Outcome

When we started to create the layout for all floors, we focused on Board of Innovation's brand concepts: international, innovative, and non-obvious. New spaces were designed to support the team's activities and spark creativity, and make clients and visitors feel welcomed. We integrated custom-made design solutions throughout the space, such as a 10m long coffee bar, a treehouse nap room, plant walls, a life-size gorilla and red mustang (cut in half).

To honor these unexpected details and complete the story of this extraordinary space, we opted for designer furnishings, bold colors (especially red, the brand color), natural materials, and an abundance of plants.

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