Icapps, Antwerp


Fixed Workspots: 66


IT Services and IT Consulting


Engaged workspace that promotes interaction and collaboration


Size: 737 m²

Year: 2021

Location: Antwerp

Cozy and welcoming entry area at Icapps renovated office

Driven by a strong bond between its team members, icapps sets an example of an inclusive, modern company. Here's how we helped them create a workspace that reflects its outstanding creativity, open structure, and energetic team spirit.

Top 3 priorities

  • Encouraging interaction
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Attracting & retaining staff

Look & feel

Creative, welcoming and modern

Special touches

  • Happy hour bar
  • Branded color blocking
  • 2 disco balls

Tailored spaces

  • Branded reception and lounge
  • Pair programming area
  • Multifunction room
  • for workshops and events with a bar, a tribune and a projection screen

icapps is a Belgian-based innovative and dynamic company that guides organizations through their digital journey. Through close collaboration and a proactive approach, they help brands find the best fitting digital solutions to enrich the daily life of their users.

I think we'll be seeing a lot of colleagues and smiles at the office the next days, weeks, months!

Caro, Content Marketeer

The Context

During the pandemic, the icapps team realized they needed to reinvent their space. The employees enjoyed the flexibility and could choose if they wanted to work from home or the office. However, the management knew they needed to provide extra value to make working in the office attractive again and worth the commute.

The team decided to redesign the office and enable the new hybrid way of working. icapps wanted to provide a more efficient co-creation and collaborative environment but also offer spaces where people could focus. Additionally, they wanted to add more rooms for informal, non-work-related activities.

Team brainstorm area at the fully renovated workspace by Space Refinery for Icapps
Cozy lounge and library at Icapps after design and build

The Outcome

With over 100 colleagues, icapps is a true example of inclusive company culture. Every team member at icapps is equally important. To ensure we created a workspace that would fit everyone, we kicked off the project with a survey asking the icapps team what was important to them. The results were clear: spending time with colleagues and collaborating efficiently.

One of the new things we added was the tribune, where the team could share knowledge and connect in both work-related and informal ways. We also created an open kitchen, so the employees could socialize during their lunch break and easily catch up with colleagues. Considering the employees also needed focus rooms, we added silent and isolated areas where icapps team members could do their deep work without distractions.

Reception and lobby of Icapps with a green ceiling feature and wooden trellis with lighting integrated
Entrance lounge with a green ceiling feature and wooden trellis
High tables for flex work behind the entrance lounge
View towards the kitchen area
Close up of the bright white kitchen area
View towards the tribune area and a wooden bar
View into the tribune space branded for Icapps
Wooden bar opposite the tribune area
Intimate seating bench
Close up of the seating bench with a wooden back design
Cosy lounge space with a statement pendant lights
A close up view of the bookshelf and the lighting pendant behind it
Collaboration space with high table with the bookcase on one side separating from the lounge area
View towards the lounge area and the workstations
Workstations above the lounge and the collaboration area
Informal collaboration high tables between the trellis and workstations
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