Keyrock, Brussels


Fixed Workspots: 14


Financial Services


The perfect balance between a fun and professional space


Size: 75 m²

Year: 2018

Location: Brussels

Keyrock's renovated office to accommodate their fast-growing team

Keyrock is a Belgian fintech scale-up that needed to relocate to a new workspace to accommodate its fast-growing team. We helped them transform their industrial empty box into a modern workspace where the team can continue to grow.

Top 3 priorities

  • Spaces that promotes creativity and meditation
  • Encouraging synergy and the communication
  • Workspaces that reflect the dynamism of a startup, the professionalism of tier-1 bank, and the know how of a cutting edge high frequency trading firm

Look & feel

Creative and energizing

Special touches

  • Strategic board games
  • Custom structure for 16 screens

Tailored areas

  • Focus room with standing desks
  • Floor plan layout that allows different privacy levels: public, semi-private and private

Keyrock supports the growth of cryptocurrency markets by increasing their stability thanks to scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies that democratize liquidity.

We already collaborated back in 2018, and they were so happy with our work that they decided to hire us again for their new project. (We love it when our clients return!)

Thanks Space Refinery! Once again, we're very happy with the collaboration and the result.

The whole team is also super happy, and that's thanks to you!

Kevin, Cofounder & CEO

The Context

Keyrock was rapidly outgrowing their 70m² office on Avenue Louise, so they started looking for a new workspace. They found a space in an excellent location with one flaw: it hadn’t been renovated for over a decade! Nevertheless, Keyrock’s team saw a hidden potential: the large windows lining each side of the office, the industrial feel, and the sought-after spaciousness – all great foundations for a modern-looking workspace.

Being efficient and constantly finding innovative ways to refine their algorithms are key objectives for Keyrock, so the new space had to be both functional and creative.

Office renovation and fit-out by Belgian design and build studio Space Refinery
Cozy and modern design for Keyrock by Space Refinery

The Outcome

In only four months, we delivered a completely new workspace with a modern and playful take on corporate professionalism. The new space is based on symmetry and equal spacing (lights and partition) for a formal, structured feeling. The more relaxed, fun side is materialized in details, like the woven vinyl flooring, which changes colors depending on the view angle.

Because the Keyrock team must have access to financial information at all times, we installed a series of TVs in the middle of the office, making it easy for their teams to stay up-to-date with the volatile markets. We also created two meeting rooms in the front of the office, one for meetings with clients and one for team collaboration. On the outside wall of these rooms, we hung the wooden Keyrock logo initially created for their first office.

By integrating wooden and green elements, we made the space more welcoming and warm despite the dropped ceiling and fluorescent lighting.

View of the social space in the office: Lounge and cafeteria
Comfy sofa with some fresh green plants
View towards the large cafeteria table with pendant lights hanging on top
Kitchen and island with black contrasting high stools
Lounge and cafeteria space
Wooden trellis framing the lounge area of the office
Meeting room visually connected with the rest of the office
Bright open lounge space
Logo of keyrock integrated on the wall
Wooden trellis separating the workstations from the rest of the space
Workstations with large digital screen integrated on one side
Wooden trellis creating two zones in the same space
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