ESG in the workspace:
Best practices for Belgian offices

What is ESG?

ESG criteria explore how business operations intersect with global priorities.

The "E" analyzes environmental impact, emissions and resource waste.

The "S" examines social conscience via labor conditions, diversity, and human rights.

The "G" investigates internal governance, ethics, and legal and regulatory risk management.

Together, these metrics highlight corporate purpose beyond profits and evaluate positive impact on people and planet. ESG provides a 360-degree view of organizational alignment with today’s societal values.

Read more about what’s driving the movement and what it means for workspaces in our article.

How can companies address ESG in their offices?

This extends to company offices, providing opportunities to embed ESG commitments into workspace design and policies. Here are some ways organizations can effectively address ESG in their offices:

ESG at Space Refinery

Our design and build firm follows ESG standards by:

  • Developing workspaces for our clients in the ESG-informed buildings, such as an office for Devoteam in a triple-certified The Wings in Diegem by Ghelamco
  • Addressing the European ESG requirements of sustainability, social impact, well-being, collaboration and transparency at all stages of our design and build processes
  • Working with developers who possess the certifications for buildings such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL and DGNB which provide third-party verification of ESG standards, and suppliers certified by eco-labels such as EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan Ecolabel or FSC:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do we need to dedicate to the project on our side?

We'd like to answer that question in one sentence, but it's not that simple. The time you'll need to invest will be based on the internal communication you'll need to do, the scale and complexity of the space, whether there's a Single Point Of Contact or not, etc.

From our side, we organize weekly 1-hour calls with your Single Point Of Contact throughout the project to share updates and ask crucial questions. From your side, you'll need to allocate the appropriate amount of time for internal decision-making and discussions.