Fixed Workspots: 6


IT Services and Consulting


Create a youthful, dynamic workspace that feels like home for different departments


Size: 340 m²

Year: 2019

Location: Brussels

Pycogroup's office design by Space Refinery

While PYCOGROUP’s Belgian team enjoyed their coworking, it often felt impersonal and crowded. They quickly realized they needed their own space as they were growing.

Top 3 priorities

  • A home for the team that reflects their values
  • Spaces that support the digital transformation of companies with both digital talents and platforms
  • Areas tailored to different departments needs

Look & feel

Dynamic and inspiring

Special touches

  • Angles paint pattern inspired by their brand identity
  • Custom bookcase acting as a space division
  • Custom bar table

Tailored spaces

  • Kitchen area with bar
  • Lounge with gaming equipment

The digital consulting and software development company was founded in Belgium in 1999. It has a global presence in nine cities and four continents – Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. PYCOGROUP was acquired by Positive Thinking Company in 2021.

The Context

Being a dynamic and youthful company, PYCOGROUP wanted an office where they could make calls without disturbing other people, collaborate, relax, and cook their meals in the kitchen - basically, create a place where their consultants would feel at home.

Their requests were straightforward: to create a workspace that would reflect their company culture, distinguish three departments (sales, finance, and recruiters) and turn the kitchen into a place for socializing and relaxing.

Modern office design and build for PYCOGROUP (Now part of Positive Thinking Company)
Cozy and warm office redesign by Space Refinery

The Outcome

The team needed different separate spaces in their new office. The boardroom offers a beautiful view from the 10th floor, overlooking uptown Brussels. The design for this room is simple, airy, and created to show off the company’s witty and modern personality. A glass wall was installed in this room for added visibility and to allow the natural light to filter through and brighten the room.

Collaboration and social interaction are essential for the team. Their kitchen area is where team members can cook, eat, meet, and chat over a cup of coffee. We accomplished the warm and inviting feel with natural materials like wood and metal.

For a more playful and inviting experience, we contrasted the blue of the company’s brand with warm colors. Using geometric shapes added a layer of texture and complexity to the design and was a subtle nod to the company’s roots.

Bright cafeteria with some warm coloured seating
View into phone booths highlighted with bright fun colours
View towards the formal meeting spaces
Cosy nooks throughout the office space
Furniture with a backdrop of fun wall patters
View towards a bookshelf that also functions as a space divider
Meeting room with a fun blue wall pattern
Hallway separated through the bookshelf
Black accent wall create a striking moment
View towards the coffee corner with lively plants
Tv integrated into a bookshelf
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