Bolton, Diegem


Fixed Workspots: 25


Manufacturing, importing & distribution


Design an elegant workspace that promotes collaboration, attracts new talent, and embodies the essence of the Bolton Group brand


Size: 386 m²

Year: 2021

Location: Diegem

Bolton Group: Office selection advice, design and fit out

How to create a space that would foster collaboration, tell the story of a global brand, and help attract new talent? When Bolton Group’s Belgian branch decided to move from its old office, we were thrilled to help them find a new space, renovate it and create a new home for their team.

Top 3 priorities

  • Inspire collaboration
  • Highlight their Italian brand
  • Attract and retain top talent

Look & Feel

Welcoming and elegant with a hint of classy Italian style

Special touches

  • Entry area with a display of Bolton products
  • Wallpapers and artwork celebrating Italian landscapes and craftsmanship
  • Large writable surfaces
  • Custom-made wooden storage shelves serving as display and open partition

Tailored spaces

  • Spacious Italian-style kitchen area, ideal for socializing and connecting
  • Brainstorm area
  • Comfortable and multifunctional room

Bolton Group is an Italian family-owned multinational company. They produce and sell a variety of sustainable and innovative quality consumer products, ranging from food to home and beauty care. The company employs over 11 000 in more than 150 countries worldwide.

"Our new collaborative workspace is designed to foster collaboration, providing a welcoming atmosphere where people feel safe sharing and exchanging their thoughts."

Francesco, Country Manager

The Context

Bolton Group’s previous workspace had several issues that made it difficult for departments, team members, and managers to connect with each other. The problematic layout offered not enough natural light, and, in the words of the team, “the outdated design felt heavy and uninspiring”.

Bolton decided to move to a new workspace and start from scratch. With an empty canvas, we were able to design a space that would not only address the issues of the previous workspace but also create an environment that would promote collaboration, creativity, and well-being.

In addition, the space needed to reflect the unique blend of the brand's original Italian culture and Belgian spirit of this local branch.

Bolton Group: Office selection advice, design and build by Space Refinery
Sleek modern design and biophilia for Bolton's office in Brussels

The Outcome

The carefully crafted design features of the new Bolton office in Belgium capture the essence of the Bolton Group and pay tribute to its Italian heritage. Timeless materials such as marble wallpapers provide a touch of refinement to the space. The color scheme draws inspiration from the iconic Bolton brand blues, bringing to mind a sense of serenity and coziness. These elements work in harmony to create an elegant welcoming atmosphere and reflect the Group’s values.

The brainstorming room is strategically located next to the cafeteria and features light blue paint on the walls and ceiling. Equipped with a mobile touch TV screen, standing desks, and active stools, this open space stimulates creativity and facilitates quick brainstorming and idea generation.

The spacious kitchen area has been designed to bring people together in true Italian style: for lunch, pasta dinners, and team celebrations. It also serves as a meeting point and a workstation for those who want a break from their desks.

In addition, we added a comfortable room serving multiple functions: from a private area for nursing mothers to a comfy space to relax and unwind.

After moving in, the team left some heartwarming notes on the whiteboard: ”Wonderful place for a wonderful company”, “It is an honor to be able to enjoy this beautiful space” and “Thanks a lot for the great job, the office is wonderful”. How amazing is that?

A bright fun lounge area
Black coffee corner with marble backsplash
A contrasting black & white coffee area
Cafeteria with industrial lighting over the island
A small collaboration zone on the other side of the cafeteria
A collaboration zone highlighted by the colour blue
Cafeteria filled with large potted plants and plenty of light
A private office with different work setups
Bright hallway with wooden flooring
A very calm and cool meeting room with blue acoustic panels
A small peaceful lounge area hidden behind a trellis
No items found.

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