Ayming Benelux, Machelen


Fixed Workspots: 52


Business Consulting and Services


Improve the experience, optimize the space, and create an environment that would evoke trust and reflect Ayming's brand


Size: 421 m²

Year: 2020

Location: Machelen

Cozy common areas and lounges in the new office for Ayming by Space Refinery

With the right expertise, guidance and a bit of creativity, moving to a new space can be a stress-free process. When the Ayming team needed to relocate, we helped them transform their new space into a creative and energizing work environment.

Top 3 priorities

  • Attract & retain talents
  • Increase flexibility
  • Express the brand

Look & feel

Welcoming, energizing and modern

Special touches

  • Cabinets that act as both storage and privacy panels
  • Custom carpet flooring pattern
  • Lighting pendants inspired by Ayming's logo
  • Tribune color blocking
  • Custom privacy stickers

Tailored areas

  • Striking entry with custom light solution
  • Café area connected to collaboration spaces
  • Standing meeting rooms
  • Custom-built phone booths

Ayming Group is a global team of experts in business performance who focus on innovation, finance, taxes, HR & operations. They have a young team driven by strong values such as pragmatism, passion and integrity.

Super job, Space Refinery! Our office is now totally representative of our brand and our team: dynamic and full of energy and enthusiasm.

Perfect match!

Laurie, Managing Director Benelux

The Context

Ayming's previous office building was going to be demolished, so they had to relocate. They found a promising space on the outskirts of Brussels, but it was vast and empty. Visitors would also have to walk through a long, narrow and dark corridor to enter the space, which didn't feel welcoming.

The new space had potential, but it required workspace designers' magic touch.

Space Refinery brought pops of color, conceptual design and focus on people's productivity to Ayming's new office
New office space for Ayming shows their brand through interior design

The Outcome

The goal was to improve the experience, optimize the space and create an environment that would evoke trust and reflect Ayming's brand. Together with the team, we decided to build two contrasting sections: a serene one for focus and relaxation and another energizing one where people can socialize and interact.

The first impression matters, so we transformed the dark hallway by designing an unexpected light installation that creates a memorable experience.

Inspired by Ayming's brand colors, we used different shades of blue in our design to reflect their identity.

A bright cafeteria highlighted with striking pendant lights and a blue wall
Cafeteria with large windows creating an inviting open space for everyone
Large communal table with some beautiful pendants lights
Tribune space accentuated with blue walls
Closeup of the tribune space
Bright airy hallway with fresh greenery
Work booths highlighted with striking blue walls making them stand out
Cosy lounge area separated with wooden trellis
Large hallway separated with some open shelving from both sides
Bright open workspace with hints of blue colour
Striking blue walls in a standing meeting room
Standing meeting rooms highlighted with hues of blue colour
A formal meeting room with fresh blue walls creating a comforting environment for focus and collaboration
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