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Legal services


Create a space fostering collaboration while also supporting focus for individual work


Size: 388m2

Year: 2022

Location: Vilvoorde

Ask Q

As a young company with tremendous success, Ask Q recognized their need for a new working environment. We got the message loud and clear - It was time for their very own workspace for their growing team. Naturally, this meant designing with a people-first mentality.

Top 3 priorities

• Enhance productivity

• Attract & retain talent

• Offer more flexibility

Look & Feel

Playful, open, fresh & on-brand

Special touches

• Special fridge under the kitchen island

• Painted columns

• Wooden library to create separate spaces

Tailored Spaces

• Entry area

• Curtain that separates the kitchen and entry area allowing multi-functionality

• Large communal table

Founded in 2021, Ask Q worked as a fully remote team during most of the COVID-19 pandemic. Setting new standards in legal managed services by providing on-demand legal counsel and management, their clients span industries from Pharma and Finance, to Technology and Media, and more.

Rémy, Manager

“Renovating your offices is more than building walls and putting in furniture. It’s really about people. The key is to find a partner that understands that.”

Rémy, Manager

The Challenge

Because Ask Q launched during a global pandemic, their people were working fully remote. This means there was no space yet for the team to come together and collaborate freely. But in 2022, Ask Q pushed forward with their strategic growth plan.

They went all-in on their search for talent. Then it was time to get a one-of-a-kind workspace that would grow with their team. And since most of their staff was made up of lawyers who required quiet spaces, Ask Q needed a variety of working zones tailored to their activities and ways of working.

Ask Q
Ask Q

The Outcome

Once the team completed the discovery survey in the first part of the design process, it was clear that Ask Q needed Space Refinery’s meaningful design approach to create multiple, flexible, and functional spaces. The result was an open floor plan for collaboration and socializing and additional areas, each with their own purpose, to enable and encourage hybrid working.

Their new tailored workspace allows everyone to connect and bond, effortlessly, while they work. This aligns with their values such as transparency and pragmatism, especially in their open spaces. Their fresh and youthful brand is incorporated in the colorful pastels of the space. So now, the Ask Q team enjoys movie nights and quiz fun in their multifunctional spaces with all the right accessories. Their kitchen has become the perfect spot for team lunches and happy hours.

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