V-Bio Ventures, Ghent


Fixed Workspots: 6


Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals


A workspace that showcases their brand & culture


Size: 189 m²

Year: 2018

Location: Ghent

V-Bio Ventures' new office with elements of biophilic design

Through mentoring and access to high-tech facilities, V-Bio helps startups take root and grow in a flourishing life sciences ecosystem. The collaborative and open workspace reflects its strong brand identity and mission to empower innovative projects.

Top 3 priorities

  • Create a relaxing workspace, with dedicated spaces to interact with colleagues and clients
  • Enable efficient working environment
  • Better space layout

Look & feel

Serene and creative

Special touches

  • Wooden structure partitions

Tailored spaces

  • Individual custom designed workspots
  • Reading nook as a focus area
  • Standing phone bubbles

Space Refinery came up with a logical plan for the division and organization of the space, in a way that we could not have come up with ourselves.

Our office is now welcoming, inspiring, pleasant, and efficient!

Willem, Managing Partner

The Context

When we started working on this project, the space had robust architectural features like ceiling beams, several columns, and an irregular floor plan. Even as an empty venue, the space looked busy and overwhelming.

The team wanted to create a serene and welcoming space where they could feel at ease.

Space planning and office fit-out by Space Refinery for V-Bio Ventures
Cozy office space for V-Bio Ventures by Space Refinery

The Outcome

We started with intelligent space planning. The irregular floor plan forced us to find innovative solutions to meet the design requirements. We opted for natural light wood planks and white color walls to create that serene feeling that V-Bio wanted. A semi-open workspace enabled privacy without actually separating the team.

We included blue and green brand colors throughout the design. Adding plants around the office brings health benefits and creates an uplifting atmosphere.

Bright meeting room with a simple feature wall
Bright hallway leading towards meeting rooms and workstations
View toward the workstation with privacy screens
Cosy lounge space with a trellis
View of a woman reading a book
Workstations with grey felt screen and wooden trellis
A cosy plant filled lounge space
A cosy bright plant filled lounge space
Plants in every corner - making the space more lively
Bright open hallway with trellis dividing various zones
High table with stools
Flexible work space with high tables
Zones facilitating private conversations
Wooden trellises leading to the lounge area
Bright white kitchen with a warm wooden table and artwork on the wall
View of some snacks and plants
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Meet the team

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