PeterLily & Manistal

PeterLily & ManistalPeterLily & Manistal

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Business Consulting and Services



A welcoming and creative space where people feel inspired and comfortable.


Size 343 m²

Year 2018

Location Brussels

PeterLily & Manistal

What happens when an HR company meets a coworking space? Here's how we helped PeterLily and Manistal create an inspiring and welcoming workspace with a lively atmosphere, that inspires people to do their best work.

Top 3 priorities

• Increase flexibility

• Stimulate creativity

• Reduce costs

Look and feel‍

Playful and elegant

Special touches

• Kickers

• Custom reclaimed wooden table

• Custom millwork

• Branding walls

• Movable tables

• Custom trellises

• Dynamic furniture meeting room

Tailored areas

• Kitchen area

• Spacious entry lounge

Brussels-based HR company PeterLily and Manistal coworking share spacious office space on buzzing Avenue Louise. PeterLily is a socially engaged HR consulting team, while Manistal is a collaborative ecosystem where start-ups, small businesses, and independents work, connect, and grow.

Marjolaine, Managing Partner

When it came to designing my office, I needed someone that had the right energy to make it happen, someone that was passionate, and would pour their soul into their work. And that’s exactly what I found in Space Refinery.

Marjolaine, Managing Partner

The Challenge

When PeterLily found a space they liked, it had only one problem – it was too big for their small team. That’s how Marjolaine decided to create Manistal. The entire office got a new purpose by adding a coworking space. As a concept that would connect both companies, they chose “meraki”, a word derived from Greek to describe an approach to doing things with passion, with all the heart. PeterLily and Manistal envisioned creating a welcoming and creative space where people feel inspired and comfortable.

PeterLily & Manistal
PeterLily & Manistal

The Outcome

The entrance to the office is the center point dividing PeterLily and Manistal. This functional space includes a meeting room for events and a lounge area. The multi-functional cafeteria was designed as a space that brings people together. Here everyone feels at home and can connect with others in a relaxed and uplifting environment.

Natural light and plants ensure all rooms feel inviting and cozy, while a custom bench, a reclaimed handmade oak table, and several stylish pendant lights provide simple yet unique details.

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