EVPA, Brussels


Fixed Workspots: 28


Non-profit organization (Investing for impact)


Make sure both teams would feel at home


Size: 245 m²

Year: 2019

Location: Brussels

Focus corners and team lounges in the newly renovated workspaces for EVPA

Creative. Dynamic. Inspiring. The new EVPA workspace evokes their fundamental brand values and pays homage to their social and environmental responsibility.

Top 3 priorities

  • Showing confidence, independence, reliability, a nice stable working environment
  • Reflecting EVPA values of promoting sustainable environment, inspiration and entrepreneurship
  • Promoting professionalism

Look & feel

Welcoming, warm and professional

Special touches

  • Custom reclaimed wooden tables
  • Trellis partitions for privacy
  • Biophilic design integration
  • Upcycled pendant lights from local artisans

Tailored areas

  • Reading library
  • Cozy cafeteria

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a Belgian non-profit organization that enables venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe and the world. They bring together investors and grantmakers and help them learn from each other in their pursuit of a more profound societal impact.

We are very pleased with our offices and the way you handled the project. You helped us in a very costumer oriented, solution driven way.

Steven, CEO

The Context

EVPA’s team needed a space that would enable them to expand and provide enhanced functionality through meeting rooms and phone booths. They also wanted to show their brand personality and highlight their mission to accelerate social progress, fix inequalities and injustices, and preserve the planet.

As they share their space with a sister philanthropic association, we also needed to ensure both teams would feel at home.

Earthy color palette and plenty of natural light in the renovated offices by Space Refinery
Cozy and spacious workspace design with biophilia elements for EVPA

The Outcome

Taking nature as a source of inspiration, we designed the boardroom around a beautiful French oak table made by a local wood artisan. We chose the blue color for the chairs to reflect EVPA’s branding. We also included many biophilic details to open up the space and create a light feeling.

Like most organizations, EVPA needed a space where they could do their deep work. With its library-like feel and no phone calls allowed, the focus room is the ideal spot for that. But we didn’t want it to feel closed off and isolated from the rest of the floor, so we added windows to the interior walls adjacent to the open workspace.

Custom-made wood partitions were added to the room to continue the natural and biophilic theme and provide privacy while letting light pass through.

Formal meeting room with blue accent chairs
Creating small wondrous moments throughout the office
Bright open workspace accentuated with a wooden trellis on one side
Cosy lounge area
Bright meeting room filled with large windows bringing a lot of light
Small open meeting area with turquoise accent chairs
Small open meeting space with blue accent chairs
Beautiful plants in every corner of the office
workstations with turquoise screens bringing some colour into the space
Warm wooden multipurpose space
Bench with black accented chairs and fresh plants
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Meet the team

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