6 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Coworking Space and Find Your Own Office

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July 20, 2022

Coworking spaces, like all work environments, have their pros and cons. By creating a shared workspace, you create a community. It no longer becomes about clocking in and out every day. Whether your coworking space caters to a single industry, or a mix of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups, you become part of something bigger and can connect with similar individuals.

A coworking space offers you flexibility, affordability, and freedom from isolation in your home or at the nearest coffee shop.

Until it doesn’t.

For successful businesses experiencing sudden growth, there comes a time when you need to hire employees, which means leaving that shared workspace you know and love.

Whatever your reasons, here are 6 reasons why you might just need to find your own office and stop sharing.

1. You’re Overwhelmed By Noise

Excessive noise can become an issue no matter where you work, shared workspace or not. Once there are a decent number of people in one place, sounds begin to mix and chatter gets louder. If you’re in the middle of an important phone call or trying to concentrate on a project, it won’t be long until every little breath you hear start’s driving you up the wall.

Don’t suffer in silence when you’re drowning in noise. The sooner you recognize that this is an issue that’s affecting your productivity, the quicker you can start looking for the perfect, quiet office to call your own.

2. You’re Feeling the Lack of Privacy

When you have important calls to make, sensitive topics to discuss, and interviews to conduct, there’s nothing worse than a crowd. You might have access to a private room in your coworking space, but when? Do you need to sign it out? What if the times available don’t work for you?

Hassle will kill your work productivity.

You get to dictate who hears what and when in your own office. You don’t need to plan around the schedules of a have a dozen other people while trying to appear professional. Your own space gives you freedom and flexibility in ways a shared workspace never will.

All of this is great for your work productivity.

3. Your Team Size Is Growing

You’re becoming a success. That’s great! You have a few clients, you’re hiring an employee or two, and the meeting schedule is solid for the month. Everything feels good until you look up to see how crowded this shared workspace actually is.

As you grow, your workplace needs to grow with you. You don’t have that option when it comes to using a coworking space. Finding your own office allows you to scale-up and take control of your company needs without worrying about outside influence in the office.

4. You’re Running Out of Space

It never becomes more apparent that you need your own office when space starts becoming an issue. Maybe you have products you need to store, areas for your employees to work, or just some breathing room. Shared workspaces involve sharing, which means you have to work together and use what’s available, even if your schedules conflict with others.

If you know space is going to become an issue, look for your own office immediately. The more time you give yourself to find a place that will fit your needs, the less stressed you’ll be. When you’re spending a workday to figure out where inventory needs to go or sussing out where your new employee is going to work, you’re already playing catch-up.

5. You’re Spending More Money Than It’s Worth

Everything comes down to cost. The best pro about a shared workplace is that it’s usually affordable. You’re only paying for the space you need, so you save on costs.

But why stay when there’s office space cheaper somewhere else?

As long as you’re vigilant and patient, you’ll be able to find a space that fits your needs and your current financial state. Be on the lookout for offices in your area, especially as you start gaining success. Something will turn up eventually, and you want to be ready when that happens.

6. You’re Not Building Your Company Culture

When you start working in a shared workspace, you’ll probably be influenced by either the culture of the whole office or individuals within it. You might go out for drinks one time with the tech start-up that’s been in the office for a few months. Then that once turns into twice, then three. Eventually, that habit and their culture start negatively impacting your work productivity.

In your own office, you and your employees control the culture. Now that you have a space to call yours, outside influences have less of an effect on you and your team. As you grow, you want to be able to nurture your own company culture instead of going along with what everyone else is doing. When it’s your office, every day can be casual Friday.

Next Steps

It’s never easy taking the next step. Space Refinery is here to help if you’re looking to find a new office and feeling a little lost. We work with businesses big and small because we believe every business needs an office they can call home.

And if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with the Space Refinery team. We love design, and we’d love to answer any questions that you may have.

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