From a coworking to their first HQ: Nodalview's story

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April 30, 2024
Ahead of the Curve interview with Thomas Lepelaars, Co-founder & CEO at Nodalview, for Space Refinery

From a coworking to their first HQ: Nodalview's story

For this Ahead of the Curve video, our founder Katya spoke with Thomas Lepelaars, Co-founder & CEO at Nodalview, about their new workspace, people and culture.

When startup Nodalview reached 30 employees, the team knew it was time to move out of their co-working space and into their own first headquarters in Brussels. The team wanted an open, collaborative atmosphere where they all could "win together".

In this video, Thomas shares his goals, considerations, and learnings from the process of designing Nodalview's first real office space:

Key takeaways from Thomas to founders on creating a beautiful and functional workspace:

  • Create zones for teams to collaborate and retreat
  • View the office as an investment in productivity and company culture
  • Work with trustworthy experts who understand your team's needs to strategically plan space for their activities
  • Make sure the office reflects company values
  • Consider the “wow factor” for client and candidate areas
  • Get ready to be positively surprised by how much the team will enjoy your new office

For Thomas, a highlight was seeing his team happily snapping photos and sharing their sleek new home on social media. He noted the office has absolutely paid off as an investment in the Nodalview's future.

Check out the Nodalview project for the insights on how we solved their challenges and needs with workspace design.

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