Office as a metaphor of company vision: BECI's story

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April 30, 2024
BECI's new office is a hub for social connections and quality time with the team and members

Office as a metaphor of company vision: BECI's story

How do you translate your mission of enabling growth of the entire ecosystem through workspace redesign?

BECI, Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry, took advantage of the shift triggered by COVID-19 to reinvent their old office. In this AOTC video, the CEO Olivier Willocx shares the expansive vision behind this renovation:

Key insights from Olivier to company leaders:

  • Use office design to showcase evolution and purpose, like space openness and transparent data visualizations.
  • Build in bonding opportunities for sparking conversations and strong relationships.
  • Look at the bigger picture and collaborate with younger generations to make the designs future-proof.

For Olivier, it’s most important to start with the overall concept and listen to the employees rather than getting bogged down in materials details. He advises leaders to involve designers to understand intents and then create a workspace as a showcase of culture.

See the full video for an inside look at BECI’s newly transformed offices reflecting its readiness to drive Brussels business into the future.

Check out designs for BECI's first and second floors for the insights on how we addressed their challenges and needs through workspace design.

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