8 Ways To Create a Better and Happier Working Environment

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August 8, 2022

The way we work has changed drastically in the last decades. Where we work also shifted entirely due to the global pandemic. Traditional offices just don’t cut it anymore. In dull spaces, people might feel devitalized and uninspired, harming their well-being, and happiness.

Now is the time to reimagine what the workplace means, explore its potential, and put people back at the center.

As much as digital transformation helps us with many routine tasks, it isn’t a silver bullet that automatically makes everyone more productive and efficient. Improving productivity can involve software, but to really hack productivity you need to shift your perspective and understand what makes your team happier.

Humans are creators, so it’s essential that we feel inspired, motivated, and appreciated. According to studies, when we’re happy, we work better and are more productive. Being able to share opinions openly improves collaboration and boosts creativity. And as individuals start to feel valued, their infectious attitude can translate into better teamwork and loyalty. Ultimately, this leads to better business processes and revenue growth.

Let’s simplify this equation:

By actively listening and feeling the pulse of your team, you can maintain their motivation, job satisfaction, and company loyalty at consistent highs. As experts in designing and building workspaces, we constantly learn from our clients. Listening to their goals, vision, and challenges helps us empathize with them and understand how to create workspaces that provide more than just a space to work. Instead, they should be spaces where people feel good, where teams thrive.

Drawing from this valuable experience, we want to share the top ten tips to help you improve your work environment. By applying these ideas, you will see current employees rejuvenated and new talent drawn to your brand like bees to a honeypot.

1. Flexibility is key

Those 9-to-5 days are more and more uncommon these days. We all have busy lives, which means work-life balance is a greater priority than ever. Work hours that don’t allow any space for emergencies, breaks, errands, and other chaotic aspects of living can discourage talented employees. By giving up work hours set in stone and replacing them with a more flexible approach, you reduce employees’ stress. Less stress leads to increased job satisfaction and encourages a sense of loyalty to the brand.

2. Activate & energize

We are all well aware of the health benefits of fitness. It helps us be healthy, satisfied, and productive. However, a lack of time or money often keeps people from going to the gym or making time for a workout. Offer a full membership or discount, either as a part of company benefits or as an incentive. Your team will feel more energized and productive. Another idea is to introduce group workouts, like yoga or HIIT, and schedule them within the working hours to strengthen the team spirit. You can also provide smartwatches, so your team can track their mood, activity, sleeping, etc.

5. Having fun outside working hours

Team activities are essential, but many people aren’t so enthusiastic about them. Even if you don’t have a hidden agenda, they might be suspicious or worried about participating. Introverts might even find it very uncomfortable. The secret here is to make these exercises more fun, creative, and engaging. Movie nights, trivia quizzes, happy hours, and challenges are great starting points. After some time, your team will organically start suggesting other activities making them more inclusive and lively.

6. Respect work-life balance

When people know that once they’ve left work, they have actually left work and no one will keep calling or messaging them, they are less stressed. No one wants to take their job with them once they go home. Respect your employees. They have their lives outside work and you should support them in achieving their desired work-life balance.

7. Create purpose

The pandemic has inspired many people to reflect on what’s truly important to them. Any business today needs to provide a strong sense of purpose to keep its team happy, satisfied, and loyal. Don’t miss out on exceptional talent because you thought a steady paycheck would be enough to keep them. Our intrinsic need to connect with something bigger than ourselves drives us to seek purpose and contribute to the greater good. Making a difference makes us feel connected to others and provides a sense of meaning that material rewards can’t evoke.

8. Redesign your workspace

Perhaps your office needs a new coat of paint to freshen up the atmosphere, increase team motivation and boost your corporate culture. Whether adding new plants, opening the office space or painting the walls in vibrant color, even a small change in a workspace often improves employee attitude and mood. If you’re planning to go a step further and redesign your workspace, hit us up! Our mission is to redefine workspaces. Our goal is to create inspiring work environments that encourage creativity and help your team work at their full potential.

To sum up…

There is no reason to let your corporate culture stagnate or become a soul-sucking environment. Bring humanity back into the workspace through meaningful changes or incentives. You will see team motivation grow faster than you could ever foresee.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us. We love design, and we’d love to talk about it with you!

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