Interior design beyond your visual guidelines

Sarah Done
April 30, 2024
3D render of a renovated office space by Space Refinery

How to craft memorable spaces that reflect your brand

Branding is more than logos and marketing materials. It's about creating an entire experience in the physical space where your brand lives and breathes. You might be thinking, "Yeah, I know that already." Hold on, here comes the fun part! This article dives into the synergy between branding, visual identity, and interior design. It’s a powerful trio that crafts unforgettable brand experiences.

From workspaces that leave customers in awe to unified hand-crafted brand stories, these three elements together create magic. But wait, there's more! Each part brings its unique flair and implementation methods to the mix, making it a journey of creativity and innovation. Let's explore how branding, visual identity and interior design come together to shape the brand of your dreams.

Visual identity pairs with interior design to create a unique office experience
Interior design paired with company visual identity create your office design

Branding your space: How we communicate your identity through design

The art of branding your space is about infusing your brand's essence into every corner of the physical realm. With typography, color palettes and imagery, we orchestrate a symphony of unity, crafting a brand experience that feels like a seamless embrace. It can be more specific and concrete like the same shades of your brand colors. Or it will be subtle and conceptual like your logo elements replicated in artworks. On the bigger scale, this can mean we infuse your brand's visual language into architecture or signage. On the smaller scale, you’ll see your brand’s footprint in displays and even employee uniforms. With interior design, we form a bond between your brand and the tangible space it sits in.

Imagine stepping into a cozy café nestled in a quaint corner of the city. As you open the door, a wave of familiar scents comes over you. Your eyes are instantly drawn to the warm hues of the space. The walls seem to whisper tales of far-off places and rich experiences. 

You come to the counter and the barista greets you with a friendly smile. The menu with playful fonts and color palette mirrors the café's earthy tones and invites you to explore its offerings. Each corner of the café speaks the essence of the brand – a fusion of rustic charm and modern comfort.

As you sink into a plush armchair, you notice how even the furniture, with its carefully selected fabrics and textures, contributes to the brand narrative. A soft hum of background music adds to the ambiance. Everything here ties elegantly into the café's identity.

Glancing around, you spot a feature wall with artistic photographs from the café's journey. A nod to their commitment to community and storytelling, these images tell a tale of the café's evolution.

But it's not just the visual feast. As you sip your latte, you feel a sense of belonging. Every nook and cranny of this space tells a narrative that resonates with your own. This café isn't just a place to have a cup of coffee. It's an experience, a tale, a connection. This, my friend, is the magic that happens when branding dances with interior design. It creates a world that's uniquely its own.

3D render of a renovated office space at Devoteam by Space Refinery
3D render of the reception area for Devoteam

Visual identity: Beyond logos and colors

Branding in interior design goes way beyond just using logos and colors. It's like telling a whole story with your space. Think about it as creating an atmosphere that matches how you want people to feel about your brand. It's like the mood and personality of your brand coming to life in the design of a room.

In a simple example, your client walks into a place and instantly get a sense of what your brand is all about – that's what branding in interior design does. It's not just about sticking a logo on the wall; it's about making every little detail – from the furniture to the colors to the way the space is set up – reflect the spirit of your brand. Your space itself is talking to people, telling them, "Hey, this is what we're all about!"

So, remember, your space is more than just a backdrop. It's a living, breathing part of your brand that people can experience and connect with. Just like you wouldn't judge a book by its cover, people won't judge your brand by its logo only. Instead, they'll feel it in the air, soak it in through the colors and design. That's how you leave a lasting impression. 

In many cases, clients express a desire to directly implement their existing visual identity into their office. However, translating the exact colors from their branding materials might not be the most suitable approach for the overall look and feel of the space. 

When we realize it would do more harm than good, we advise against blindly replicating the visual identity in every office corner. Instead, our team may test alternative approaches to achieve a cohesive brand presence within the design. 

3D render of a renovated office space at Devoteam by Space Refinery
3D render of the metal structures for Devoteam

Allow me to guide you through a personal highlight of my journey – a collaboration with the remarkable team of Devoteam. Their brand identity, a harmonious blend of bold vibrant pinks and subtle sophisticated tones, served as our initial palette.

However, as I immersed myself in the workshops to uncover their team's needs, a rich tapestry of energy emerged – a fusion of excitement for innovation and a drive for impact.

Now, let's venture into the realm of design enchantment. The design process wasn't just about incorporating brand colors and logos; it needed a creative exploration. Take the perforated steel structure. Beyond its functional role, it symbolized the team's collaborative ethos and served as a gentle space divider.

The layout itself became a canvas for the team's vibrant spirit. Open areas were strategically woven to foster cross-pollination of ideas, while cozy nooks we carved out embodied a sense of belonging. Even the meeting rooms took on a new dimension: the glass walls reflect the philosophy of transparency and accessibility.

This is how branding and interior design can give life to every inch of space. A symphony of colors, vibes and innovation that made Devoteam's story sing loud and proud within those walls.

3D render of a renovated office space at Devoteam by Space Refinery
3D render of the cafeteria and lounge area for our private client in chemical manufacturing

When branding, visual identity and interior design unite, your space transforms into a tangible extension of your brand, instantly recognized by both customers and team members.

Curious to see how the designs turned out? Check out the full projects of Devoteam in Diegem and the office renovation for a chemical manufacturer in Antwerp province.

EXPERIENCE becomes your guiding light, a guiding principle to ensure your brand is in every corner. This natural flow connects your outward image to your internal culture.

The outcomes? 

  • Strong brand loyalty and differentiation in a crowded marketplace;
  • Memorable and immersive experiences for customers that deepen their connection with your company and the team;
  • A sense of pride and belonging that increases employee satisfaction, productivity, as well as employee advocacy and talent retention;
  • Coherent presence in all aspects of your business, from the website and PR materials to your workspace.

The main takeaway is that branding is way more than just picking colors. Typography, visuals and the whole personality of your company will play a part in the design game. It's like putting the brand's soul into the space.

The secret sauce is working hand in hand with our clients and explaining how strategic design choices can work wonders. A space that totally embodies your brand is what gets you recognized and remembered. 

Cover photo - 3D render of a workspace area for our private client in chemical manufacturing.

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