Say goodbye to boring offices:
Create a space that
people love to work at

When the CEOs and managers of innovative, growing Belgian companies come to us to build an office for their teams, they ask:

How can we create an innovative workspace that attracts talent and stimulates business success?

Your company has been growing rapidly. You need an office equipped for the agile work.

Your team might need to move into a new, bigger office, or it might be time to renovate your existing, outdated workspace. But... where do you start?

We help you design and build an office that is:


You envision a workplace that will meet your company's current and future needs

Built for hybrid work

You seek to offer the right conditions for every employee's role and location

Created by experts

You prioritize smooth experience and smart decisions by working with the specialists


You want your office to reflect your company values and culture


You’d like to see the team inspired to do their best work

DIY-ing it didn't work: the new ergonomic chairs are cool but why is half of your team still working from home?

You need expert guidance on design and construction for your workplace.

We are a design and build studio and will answer all your specific questions about timelines, office renovation, fit out budget estimates and customization for your company needs.

Our happy clients

Office renovation of a coworking space Start it @KBC Antwerp
“Immediately hooked.

When I got here, and I saw the office space I was immediately hooked. For us it was one of the biggest perks of the start-it program.
Being together changes you from being employees to being friends”

Clovis Six, Founder and CEO at BloomUp
Clovis Six, Founder and CEO at BloomUp
 Move out from the coworking space and workspace design and build for a software development company Nodalview
“A great investment that is still paying off.

I think it is important to see it not from a pure cost perspective but to understand there’s a productivity gain,
it makes you more attractive as an employer. It’s also very important for the global well-being of employees."

Thomas Lepelaars, Co-founder & CEO at Nodalview
Thomas Lepelaars, Co-founder & CEO at Nodalview
A new office design and build completed for on-demand legal counsel and management company AskQ
“Worry-free process.

Renovating your offices is more than building walls and putting in furniture. It’s really about people. The key is to find a Design&Build partner that understands that.
Everything went smoother than expected!”

Rémy Bonnaffé, Manager at Ask Q
Rémy Bonnaffé, Manager at Ask Q

Before and after

Mariana Imhof

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