Doing better with less: Workplace insights from Karim Piron of Measuremen

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July 19, 2024
Data-driven workplace strategy: a talk by Karim Piron from Measuremen from our event “From quantity to quality: Transforming workspaces for the future”

Rethinking workplace design: Data-driven insights from Karim Piron

The future of work is here: hybrid, connection-focused, innovative and collaborative.

Understanding how employees actually use office spaces has never been more crucial. Karim Piron, Managing Director France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland at Measuremen, shared at our event “From quantity to quality: Transforming the workspaces for the future” some fascinating insights from observing over 200,000 workspaces globally. His presentation challenges common assumptions about workplace utilization and offers data-driven perspectives to inform better office design and management strategies.

One of the most striking revelations from Karim's talk is the significant difference between perceived and actual workplace occupancy rates. Many business leaders estimate their office occupancy at 60-80%. Measuremen's data, instead, shows an average occupancy rate of just 35% for workstations. This gap between perception and reality highlights the importance of data in making informed decisions about office space allocation and design.

The impact of COVID-19 on workplace utilization is another key focus of Karim's presentation. Pre-pandemic workstation occupancy was around 45%, dropping to 30% during the height of the pandemic, and has since rebounded slightly to 35%. This trend raises important questions about future office space requirements and the potential for more flexible work arrangements.

Karim also discusses the mismatch between how employees think they use their time and what observational data reveals. For instance, while employees believe they spend 62% of their time at their workstations, actual occupancy data shows a much lower figure. This insight could be valuable for companies considering how to allocate different types of work areas within their offices.

For more insights, check out the full video:

Measuremen work with a diverse range of clients, from global corporations to government agencies. With data-driven analysis, organizations can make more informed decisions about their workplace strategies, potentially improving both space utilization and employee satisfaction.

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