6 simple office design ideas that will encourage productivity

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April 30, 2024
6 Simple Office Design Ideas for Employee Productivity

6 simple office design ideas that will encourage productivity

Companies all over the world are constantly searching for new office design ideas to boost their productivity. Some of these ideas are easy to implement, while others are more challenging and costly.

In this week’s article, we are going to explore several office design ideas that you can implement if you are looking to boost your workplace productivity. As always, these suggestions may or may not work for you depending on the culture of your company.

A few office design ideas to consider

Major changes require a budget. They aren’t always easy to implement, but they tend to have a lot of impact. Companies that are looking to make big changes are encouraged to take a look at some of the items on this list.

1. Create a designated social area

It’s no secret that your employees like to socialize. Still, everyone has different ways to approach social situations.

One of the easiest ways to boost productivity is to create a designated social space. Maybe your business builds a rooftop social space, a new lounge, or a games room. The idea here is to encourage your employees to talk, to discuss projects, and to bond.

Research has shown that group cohesion leads to increased workplace productivity. When your employees interact with each other in a positive way, it motivates them to work harder in an effort not to disappoint their peers. Because of this, a small investment in a new social room can provide huge benefits that will reward your business for years to come.

2. Build a collaboration room

We’ve touched on this topic before, namely in our article on Spotify squads. Collaboration rooms have been around for a while, but it’s the modern tech companies that have embraced them.

Large companies have a lot of moving pieces. It’s really easy for projects to get derailed when they flow through so many departments.

Collaboration rooms are a productivity lifesaver because they encourage employees to brainstorm ideas together. No one gets left in the dark and employees are allowed to share ideas that may improve a project.

A collaborative area in icapps' renovated office in Antwerp

Here are a few great ideas to include in your collaboration room:

1. Dry-erase boards or chalkboards for idea brainstorming

2. Lots of space so employees can move around and discuss

3. Large tables for group brainstorming

Every company is different. What works for one company’s collaboration room may not work for yours. All things considered, collaboration is a great way to improve your company culture and productivity in the process.

3. Design a dedicated reading room

Not every office is going to need a reading room. Having said that, a reading room is the perfect addition to any office that requires its employees to do a lot of research and reading.

Think about it like this…

Do you think your employees will be more productive researching in a white walled room with bright fluorescent lights, an uncomfortable stool, and a plain desk littered with decaying takeout food, or in a warm and welcoming reading room with bookshelves, comfortable chairs and tables, and an atmosphere that is cozy?


A cozy library in the office of this chemical manufacturer in Antwerp province

A reading room can be used for research, reading, and general relaxation. By providing your employees the choice, it can quickly become a room dedicated to work and relaxation. That’s a win-win for you.

4. Build an indoor bike rack

Cycling is all the rage these days. There are many reasons why your employees may prefer cycling. They may be interested in the exercise it provides, or the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. Installing an indoor bike rack at work is a great way to encourage your employees to bike more. An indoor bike rack keeps their bikes safe from theft and the weather and even promotes a pro-green agenda in the process.

But there’s a hidden productivity boost that comes with cycling. As we know, exercise is healthy for our brains and bodies. It helps keeps us focused and improves our energy levels. Something as simple as an indoor bike rack will encourage your employees to exercise frequently.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost that much to build one.

5. Install standing desks

Another easy way to boost the productivity of your employees is to install standing desks.

Standing desks help your employees overcome a sedentary lifestyle by allowing them to switch between sitting and standing. In addition, these desks also improve blood circulation, which we shouldn’t have to explain why that’s important.

If you want to increase employee productivity and health with one easy change, invest in standing desks for your employees.

6. Plants

Lush plants in Keyrock's new HQ in Brussels

Sounds boring, right? Wrong.

It turns out plants do more than just provide us with the oxygen we breathe. In fact, they do a lot more than you think.

That little green plant that hasn’t been watered in months is actually boosting your workplace productivity. In fact, countless studies have revealed that biophilic design (design based on plants) greatly increases productivity. These studies have found that incorporating plants in your office reduces stress, increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, makes your workplace more attractive, and even leads to increased creativity.

Just remember, you need to water your plants. As far as we know, dead plants don’t do a lot for productivity.

It’s on you to implement these office design ideas

We’ve now provided you with a few office design ideas. Some of them easy easy to implement, some of them a little harder. When you invest in productivity, you are investing in a sustainable work environment.

A workplace that commits to the happiness of its employees and their wellbeing is a workplace that will attract the best talent. Productivity isn’t hard to improve, it just requires a positive company culture and a committed effort.

As always, Space Refinery is here to answer any of your questions and to help you find the right office design ideas for your company.

Feel free to contact us, we love coffee, and we love talking design.

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