5 Workspace Trends That Are Redefining Offices in 2018

Space Refinery
June 1, 2023

Your desk says a lot about your company. It’s more than just a place where you work, it represents the personality you want to be known for and the values that you stand for.

2018 is well under way, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t see some interesting workspace design trends this year. As your go-to workspace design specialists, here are five trends that we think will dominate workspaces around the world this year.

1. Science-backed Design

It shouldn’t surprise you that we are big supporters of the science-driven workspace design movement.

Great design is a must-have in today’s modern office, but great design must also consider the science behind it all.

Science-backed design, what is that?

It’s any type of design that takes science into account. When it comes to a modern office, this means designing in a way that is healthy for workers. Some common examples of this include:

1. Exploring colors that promote positivity and creativity

2. Using standing desks to improve blood flow

3. Designing break areas that are comfortable and welcoming

4. Taking acoustics into account

These are only a few examples, but the list could go on.

Major companies are constantly battling for top talent, so the need to design healthy offices is crucial if they want to be able to attract that talent.

The desk and cubicle days are long gone.

2018 will see science-driven workspace design flourish as companies look for new ways to create a healthier workspace that promotes positivity, increased energy, and the overall health of their employees.

2. Flexible Office Spaces

flexible office space design

There’s nothing wrong with an office that has distinct rooms. Executives are always going to want that corner office with a view, board rooms are needed for meetings, and employees want a designated place to eat instead of living with bread crumbs on their keyboards.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t design offices that are flexible and feature dynamic workspaces. Look no further than the Google’ and Apples of the world. While their offices have all the standard rooms you would expect, they have also embraced the dynamic workspace trend with open arms. Each of their major offices feature dynamic areas that can serve as meeting areas, workspaces, break areas, and so much more.

This method of design is extremely well-known in the tech industry as it promotes a sense of welcomeness that makes employees feel as if they can work on their terms. This level of freedom is healthy and something that we will likely see older industries slowly adopt as the way we approach traditional offices is reinvented.

3. Smart Offices / Big Technology

Technology isn’t going anywhere. Remember when people called the Internet a fad? Those same people dismissed smartphones too.

Smart technology is rapidly being integrated into workspaces across the world. Companies are using the ‘Internet of Things’ to collect data in order to improve productivity, increase workplace efficiency, develop healthier internal policies, and so much more.

But how does this apply to a workspace?

1. Smart controls that can be used to control lights, heating and cooling, and other essential utilities.
2. Smart appliances that can automatically brew coffee and prepare other things based on employee behavior.
3. Smart devices that can monitor employee health in order to provide useful alerts and information as needed.
4. Smart beacons that can automatically provide time tracking and project progress updates.
5. Smart locks that can be accessed using applications, rather than with keys.
6. Smart booking systems that allow employees to book meetings and track attendance through dedicated software.

While some people may find this rather scary, it provides a lot of potential for companies to design offices that truly benefit their employees in a way that is meaningful to them.

Every day, we are finding new ways to integrate smart technology into the modern office. If science-backed design is a big trend, it should be easy for you to see how smart technology will further enable that trend even more.

4. The Rustic Look

rustic office design

This one may seem odd, given that we just talked about all this futuristic design. But it doesn’t matter how advanced we get, traditional elements featuring solid wood furniture, fixtures, and other set pieces will always be in demand.

Humans are deeply nostalgic by nature, and the rustic look is one of the easiest ways to bring that out.

Modern offices are taking advantage of the rustic design trend because it creates an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home.

Best of all, this design style can be integrated fairly easily into existing offices as either a main theme, or as a complimentary one. Whether you seek to install a new rustic break room, lounge, sleeping area, or a gaming room with a card or pool table, there are many options available.

Workspaces that can tap into that home-like feeling will see an increase in productivity and the happiness of their employees.

5. The Biophilic (Green) Office

The biophilic movement is all about incorporating elements from the natural world into an office. It can be simple plants, open spaces, lots of natural light, using wood to capture natural textures, warm colors, and anything else that is classified as natural.

The idea is so simple, but they really do affect so many things. Something as simple as adding a little greenery to your office leads to things like:

1. Reduced stress
2. Increased productivity
3. Reduced employee sickness and absence
4. A more attractive workspace
5. Cleaner air
6. Noise reduction
7. Increased creativity

We’re not suggesting you turn your office into a jungle, but even a few plants can drastically improve a dull office.

Workers love them, they aren’t hard to take care of, and they can fit into almost any design.

6. Define Your Company Through Your Workspace

We already know that modern design trends lead to more than just a good-looking office. They provide real health benefits, help a company define their values, and most importantly, allow a company to define themselves through their workspace.

If you are interested in learning more about these design trends and how you can put them into practice, contact our team at Space Refinery today. Every office deserves greatness, sometimes you just need a little help getting there.

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